Ashley's Bump

This may sound really creepy, but I just love the body of a woman with child…..yeah, that sounded creepy.  Sorry, not sorry.  I can't help it!  Pregnant women are beautiful!  

Ashley, of course, is one of the most gorgeous I have had the privilege to capture.  Graceful, glowing, giddy and in love with her man, Mike.  I'm sure it's hard to tell in the photo above, but these two love birds are really into each other.  Just drinking in all that love and light!

So, these two brave souls decided to wait to find out the sex of their little babe until delivery day.  How cool is that?  So brave.  How they did it without breaking down and just buying everything pink, fluffy and sparkly like mad people is beyond me.  I know I for one can not go by the baby section at Target with out having to talk myself down from going absolutely bonkers.  And my children are grown!  I still struggle.  But they managed some how, I'm sure.  

Her shoes tho! AH! 

Isn't that precious!?  The little pumpkin baby gets to be born right in time for fall.  Welcome to the world of fall in Texas, Junior!  We have pumpkin everything and Halloween is big fun too!  Fall is such a great season to be born in, especially in Texas.  It's not too hot, yet.  The weather is perfect.  We welcome you, Fall welcomes you and Mom and Dad can't wait til you get here! 

Included in my maternity sessions, is a gown outfit.  Every woman carrying a child deserves a moment to feel as stunning as she looks.  I know, I've had 4 babies myself, and you don't feel just so glamorous throughout your whole pregnancy.  That's why I love to give expecting mommies this moment.  A chance to blow their families, their spouses and even themselves away with the glorious beauty that they are when they are housing one of God's greatest miracles.  I usually get my gowns from a wonderful lady off of Etsy.  Here's the link to her shop  If you're thinking about doing a session with me, we will go through her shop during our consultation and pick the perfect gown for you!  Her gowns are so beautiful and she uses jersey knit fabric, which is SUPER comfy.  What's better than feeling beautiful AND comfortable AND having me and my team fuss over you for a few hours?  You deserve it… really really do!  Just take Ashley, for example.  Doesn't she look absolutely STUNNING in her Embie Baby gown?  


So, you see, I can't help but think that the form of a woman with child is one of the most glorious things to behold!  Thank you, Ashley and Mike, for choosing me as your maternity photographer.  I just think you guys are the bomb and will be amazing parents.  Ashley, you'll teach baby Junior how to play the cello just as beautifully as you, and Mike, you'll teach the babes to say no to drugs…..which is equally important.  Thanks, you guys.  Now…….have that baby!