Gabbie & Sterling Espinosa's Wedding @ Chapel Dulcinea in Austin TX

So, we all remember being young and just married, starting off in life filled with a fresh hope and filled to the brim with ambition…..but it wasn't easy.  Since this couple is so near and dear to my heart, I'd like to do something special for them, with your help.  If I can get at least 30 comments on this blog, I'll send Gabbie and Sterling a complimentary 11x14 canvas!  This is a PROMISE.  I'll even blog about it to prove my promise.  C'mon guys, just look at this beautiful couple!  How many comments can they get?

I've known Gabbie and Sterling since they started dating in high school.  They attended the same homeschool co-op that my children do.  They're just such great kids.  I can't say enough about their heart for the Lord, their character and just how stinking cute they are!  Gabbie was the worship leader for Chapel Band.  She has a voice that'll make your Daddy cry, I tell ya.  She was also in our co-op's theatre program throughout her high school years.  She's one of those multi-talented ladies, and gorgeous, and smart and…..yeah……this could start getting gross, BUT, her humble and kind heart and her love for God just makes it to where you just can't help but love her.  She's just all of that awesomeness wrapped into one human.  She's loved by many and Mr. Sterling is one blessed man.

That first look was priceless.  My team and I were all in tears….and the ceremony hadn't even started yet!  We are pathetic…..suckers for love.

Such a touching moment between Gabbie and her bridesmaid, Moriah.  She was just speechless to see how beautiful of a Bride Gabbie was.  

Just a few moments alone before group pictures……can we just all say it together……Awwwww!!

You know, nothing's better than to have your best girls with you on the most important day of your life.  

I can't tell you how important it is to have fun with the people that you photograph.  Weddings are a celebration!  They're supposed to be fun!  These guys just rolled with the silliness!!  Such a great group of friends.  And then, after all the fun, the ceremony begins……get out your tissues.  Seriously, though……get them.  

I almost can't take how intensely Sterling is looking at his bride.  It's just too much.  He loves her with everything in him and you can see it on his face here.  A little about Sterling though, he has a heart for missions.  He recently, like myself, has been to Burundi, Africa to work with some orphan homes there.  He and I talked about both of our experiences there and he just can't wait to return.  He's such a hard worker and in college just doing as much as he can to start a life for He and his Bride.  Such a young man full of integrity and solid character!  So….these two deserve a canvas!  How are those comments coming?

Gabbie wanted to ring that bell sooooo badly!  I think the imperfection of this image is what makes it amazing.  I know its not perfectly in focus or perfectly framed, but at this point, I was nearly falling apart.  I am usually pretty good at keeping my focus and not getting emotional at weddings, but this is the moment that probably did me in.  That is tangible happiness, my friends.  

I don't know…..I can't tell if they're happy here or not….you tell me.  Leave a comment about it!

Oh no, this is the moment that did me in for sure.  Nothing like a mother's love.  As a mother of 4 myself, I couldn't help but think about when my 4 will walk down the isle…..yeah.  Grab that tissue.  

Golden hour photos with the bride and groom are always on my shot list itinerary.  And boy, do they pay off.  It's just a little moment after the ceremony to let the couple step away and breathe in the moment.  They get to soak in the sunset and each other's first moments as husband and wife.  Priceless.  

Such a unforgettable day.  So, how are we doing on those comments?  Are we at 30 yet?  I really would love to send them the 11x14 canvas, with your help!  I'll post a pic of them with it when they receive it so you guys can see their cute faces again.  Thank you for reading and commenting!