Personal Project-Double Exposure…….I'm not an expert

Honest is the best therapy.  I find that, for me, being open about my position in life/business/seasons of growth, renders an amazing sense of light, inspiration and freedom.  So, if you're down with that….keep reading.  I should also mention that I am not a practicing composite photographer.  I love the art and hope to be somewhat good at it at some point in my career, but personal projects like these are my humble amateur offerings to the craft.  So, to those constructive criticizers….please feel welcome to nit pick.  So here's the motivation for this shot, and also some cold hard honesty…….this industry is insane sometimes!  There are SO many, overwhelmingly so many, very very talented photographers out there.  So many ways to run a business successfully.  So many blogs and seminars and workshops and vlogs about how to do, what to do, what not to do.  So many hows and whats and whys a million times over.  Countless new photographers popping up everyday.  Everyday!  I'm a fan of maintaining my situational awareness (thanks to my Hubby, David) but, sometimes, this tactic can cause one's demise sooner than later.  So, here's my solution...

This is an interesting line of work.  You have to have just the right mix of both creativity and business sense.  Some might argue that the two traits cannot flourish in the same arena.  But I've found that they have to.  Being creative….that's like breathing to me.  So when the cold industrial side of this career path I'm on seems to smog up my soul, I gotta do something.  For creation's sake.  For my sake.  I love being a photographer.  I love seeing and creating and being a visionary for people's major life moments.  It's a beautiful and , in my opinion, necessary, line of work.  The catch 22 is, business is business.  It's not easy.  It grates against the organic fabric of the creative mind of an artist; which is what all of us photogs are.  Emails, finding and keeping leads, networking, finances, emails, marketing, selling yourself, numbers, budgets, taxes, overpriced workshops that you know you need, emails, difficult clients, website configuration, SEO (lol UGH!), emails, budgets… I the only one that feels like I'm drowning sometimes?  Like my creativity takes the back seat in a very long bus?  So, this is what I need to survive.  I need my creativity, for myself.  For creation's sake and for my sanity, I stop and just do, and make and then, I can breath again.  It's like a Christmas miracle.  

I may sound like I'm whining.  Maybe I am.  But I have found myself a needed solution.  Creating for my self is just the right balance for this sometimes unbalanced industry.  I do long to be noticed among all these great artists.  I desire to stand out and be unique and different and for my talent to grow and for my business to flourish and be prosperous.  It's not easy.  There is a storm and sometimes creation is the sail I use to brave it.  So here it is.  My bared soul.  The mind and vision of my imagination and creativity, again, in amateur form.  And now, I can breathe again and the sun is peeking through the clouds.