A welcomed distraction...

This one will be short and hopefully sweet.  I was just cleaning out some folders and doing some organizing and I came across this image I did this summer.  It's a triple exposure.  Meaning there are 3 images composited into one.  

I'm usually not what you call proud of my work.  I have that tortured artist thing going on. When I have an idea I'm excited about, I execute it, and I think it's total crap.  But this images is different.  I think maybe a lot of artists have that one piece that they feel the same way about.  It speaks to them, calms them, reminds them of their journey and accomplishments.  Not everyone who sees this will be able to understand its depth.  That's ok, because I do. Sometimes we make art more for ourselves than anyone else.  I just took a moment and remembered and it did good things for my soul in looking forward.  It's nice to make the choice to look away from the doubts fears and insecurities that will always remain as you move forward in something.  I just appreciate this small moment of remembering what has been learned and overcome.  I hope you have something in plain sight that brings you these same reminders....this same peace.  

Brianna DunnComment