Brandi & Sean | Engagements

Finding love is one of those amazing miracles that never cease to amaze.  Brandi is a nurse.  Sean is a nurse.  That right there is the perfect beginning to an amazing rom-com movie.  I already wanna watch it.  Someone make this a movie already!

Nurses are the best people.  I've always believed that you're either born to be a nurse..or you're born to be something else.  Nurses have special strengths and powers that not everyone else has. The fortitude and endurance you need to be a nurse is something not everyone understands but other nurses.  The fact that Brandi and Sean have each other to lean on for the rest of their lives, that they found each other, that they'll never have to walk thru what nurses walk thru alone, should.....does bring a new sense of hope to love and to finding it.  

Also....all mushiness aside....sorry about all that....aren't these two THE cutest?!  When a photographer like myself gets to meet two super fun and happy going individuals and celebrate the beginning of their lives with them, it's literally the best thing ever.  I'm so happy I get to be their wedding photographer.  Perk about having two nurses as clients:  If you have any medical questions, they're always there to come to the rescue.  

I mean, Brandi's smile just lights up the whole earth, right?!  I can totally see how Sean feels like he's the luckiest guy ever.  He said so during their session and I couldn't help but agree.  If their smiles are this big and bright now, I'm sure on their wedding day they will be even brighter.  The wedding will take place on Brandi's family farm.  It is going to be just perfection.  

I seriously can't get enough of her smile.  I love telling the guys to just whisper something in her hear.....usually it's something funny and works perfectly to get a shot of genuine joy.  Couples who laugh together, stay together.  Which is a little tidbit of knowledge I shared with Brandi and Sean. Being married for 13 years myself, sometimes I can't help myself in sharing a little wisdom.  So, if that's true, couples who laugh together stay together, these two will have many many years of an amazing fun filled marriage.  

Brandi & Sean....thank you, thank you, thank you SO so much for allowing me to immortalize your love story.  And also, thank you for being the best nurses in the universe.  I can't wait for your big day!