Helping you style.......

The most common concern I have from clients is “I have no idea what to wear”. Ya girl GOT YOU! Not to worry, styling the session is my most favorite part of the process. A lot of photographers use outside stylers and apps that help you put together outfits with an extra fee. My process is a little more organic and tailored to fit your individual style.


One piece of advice I can give you if you’re reading this as a photographer, is to SPEAK UP. I know, we never want to offend or make anyone feel as thought they look bad or weird. It can be quite awkward if we come across wrong and the client feels like they aren’t dressed for the part. It’s a damper on their vibe and it shows in the final image. There is a way to make suggestions that enhance their outfits and speak up if something is just a little off without ruining the clients photo ready state of mind. And we never know what they’re thinking. They might be totally oblivious that they forgot to take their sunglasses off. In the image above, dad didn’t realize he still had them on. I was afraid to say anything as to not offend his “fashion choice”. Or maybe they were prescription, I didn’t know. A million excuses were running thru my mind. Until mom spoke up and asked him to take them off…..he laughed and said he forgot he was wearing them and the rest of the shoot was perfection. Be polite, make suggestions and SPEAK UP. The end image is your creation and the clients will appreciate your tenacity and eye for perfection in every detail.


Maternity clients are always very body sensitive. Flowy, solid gowns are awesome. Having the wrong print will often emphasize unwanted bumps or cause too much distraction for the observer. If I work with a print, I try to stick with larger prints that are simple and not too loud. Solid colors are truly complimentary for a mom to be. I love the gown this mom is wearing. It’s a solid color but it has texture that adds depth and interest to the story of the image. It was the perfect choice for her skin tone as well. I always try to stay away from stark white, unless I am working with a wedding or a bride. White does very little for everyones skin tone and often washes you out in the final image.


My clients always get enough shooting time to have two outfits. Sometimes there is even time for 3! Moms, second outfit choice was sublime. The color was perfect both for her and the location. She wanted a very boho feel to the images and Enchanted Rock was first on our list for our desired spots. It was also where her husband proposed to her! So I love the how their story circled around. The pattern on her gown was perfect for the feel as well. It was large and not too distracting while it added a fun detail to the style for the session.


Let’s talk accessories. Accessories can be tricky! There is a thing as too many in my opinion. Mom’s choice here was a flower crown. Perfect for her chosen boho style. She actually made this herself. I”m all about flowers crowns! With the addition of her beautiful necklace….perfection. We are going for boho here so layering many accessories is usually the vibe. When shooting bridals I like to be a little more selective. It’s all about balance. If bride is wearing earrings, then she should pair with a beautiful bracelet. If she wants to wear a necklace, the earrings should be very small and then add a ring or two. The same goes for engagement couples. Balance is key. We always want the client telling the story and not the accessories.


This maternity was one of my favorite so far. Boho style is my JAM and personal fav. I always love clients who are willing to step out of the usual norm and go on a creative journey with me when we style their session. With all of my sessions, I offer styling help. I love it! It’s all a part of creating an authentic and memorable moment with you and for you! I send you ideas, you go thru them and approve and add your ideas, and you and your family can be confident in your outfits in front of my camera on your session day. No need to stress of worry. I gladly offer style help and I always will! So all you have to do is be YOU.