Will & Jessica

How would you describe your 2018? A year of accomplishments? A year of defeats? A year of learning lessons? A year of rest? The more I work with different couples, the richer I feel every year.


No matter what your 2018 looked like, the good news is this. The few short days between Christmas and New Years Day are as precious as gold. During these days, is a time of renewal. We get to reflect on the year behind and prepare for the year ahead. Prepare for goals, dreams, and even hardships. We can reevaluate, remeasure and renew. All who stop and take the time to adjust their sails, will more than likely weather the storms.


If we only knew what a gift that is! With all of our planning, reshaping, and brainstorming lets remember how great is is that we get these few moments before the sparkly ball drops to take our last few deep breaths before we dive off the platform into the deep end. Breath is gratitude. Breath in courage. Breathe in focus. While we are all breathing, I’d like to share a few lessons I’ve learned in 2018.

jw-9 copy.jpg

Lesson 1….and probably the most valuable. Learn to love failure. I have failed so much I’m not sure if my life/business could be a comedy or a drama. I’ve learned to love failure, because every time I do, I find that it pushes me forward to a next level. And for that, I’ve become more willing to fail than most will be willing to try. And I love that. I’ve developed a tenacity because of all the failures I’ve encountered. I’ve become more prepared, more intentional, and best of all more organized. Failure and I have become quite close this year.


Lesson 2: Do YOU. I’ve really struggled with finding my style, my why and how I create stories. I always strive for technical perfection. I’m a socially awkward person and an introvert. And social media makes everything look so perfect and amazing. Because of all of this combined, I have struggled with being confident in my own way of doing things. There are a lot of styles and fads out there. I’ve always been a go against the flow type of person. I don’t like to jump in the main pool where everyone else is swimming (and peeing ). I like adventure. I like a different perspective. And even though social media may highlight only what is the current fad, doesn’t mean I should bend myself that way. I want to love what I do. I want to feel something when I look at my work. If I stop feel something, I’m headed in the wrong direction. I am so glad I learned this lesson.


Lesson 3: Push for a better vision. And this may involve making people uncomfortable. Maybe even angry. But if it affects the outcome of your end product/image. SAY SOMETHING. Be confident in what you know. You may have better ideas, a better perspective that what was originally planned. You may even save the project from being a total disaster. If you’re not sure the project is going in the right direction, especially when it comes down to your end results. Speak up. Educate people. You know what you know for a reason. Lead them to a better vision. They will in the end thank you for it.

I loved sharing my 2018 lessons with you! Share some of yours in the comments below! Thanks for reading.