A little me time @ Lillian Farms in Washington, TX

Do you ever have those moments where you stop and tell yourself "Whoa, you need a time out....like a 3 day long time out."  To be honest, I'm not very good at detecting when I'm starting to fray at the edges.  Fortunately, I have a wonderful friend who knows when it's time....even from 7 hours away.  Rev, I am forever grateful to you.  

We visited a little B&B in Washington, TX.  Yes!  There's a town in Texas called Washington.  Who knew!  This little hidden jewel was exactly what I didn't know I needed.  A victorian style farm house with matching horse barn in the back and cute little cottages scattered throughout the few hundred acres.  A paradise for me.  I also made friends with several of the resident fur babies, of course.  Fur babies are my favorite type of people.  

fur babies

I'm always surprised by the growth and personal inward advancement that just being alone and quiet achieves.  2015  was a challenging year, both personally and professionally.  Sometimes I get it backwards and forget that it isn't putting your head down and plowing through pain and storms that builds strength.  It's stopping and resting in God that gives you true perseverance and focus.  

The amazing couple in the above photo were also staying in the main house.  They are dressed for a reenactment that was taking place in Washington that day and were gracious enough to let me photograph them.  They looked as though they belonged in this house.  They were very kind folks and educated us on some good ol' Texas history.  Being around them and admiring their passion for such a unique hobby helped me revisit some of my own unique passions that I have a photographer. Sometimes we forget and get swept up in a common current.  I was grateful for this reminding moment.  And I didn't even realize I had forgotten!  

more house details
tea room

So I took a 3 day long deep breath.  I fully leaned into God and sat under a tree.  He reset some broken bones and I reset my sails.  Rev and I laughed, of course, we sat quiet on the porch at dusk, we had the most amaaaaaaazing lemon meringue pie, and we vowed to visit Lillian Farms every year.  The pie was that good.  

local shops

We visited a few local shops and met some unforgettable characters.  We  stopped to smell all the flowers and made a few wishes on 4 leaf clovers.  We breathed in the fresh air and bathed in the new spring sun and we had another slice of pie.  Yes, taking time for you is good.  Very good.  

I hope you get a chance to advance.  I hope that if you need a moment, you take it.  I hope you have friends around you that will make an opportunity for you to sit under a tree and pray, like I do.  I hope you stop and smell the flowers and make new fur baby friends.  Go.  Take a 3 day long deep breath.  Regain, rest and reset.  Trust me, it is a good thing.