Maddy Moore | Class of 2017

I am still amazed by Seniors.  They are required to accomplish SO much more than I remember from when I was in High School.  Yes, I'm that's been a while.  It seems like every year, the bar is raised and Seniors are faced with more and more.  Even as a Mom of two sophomore girls, I get overwhelmed FOR them with all that is on their plate.  High Schoolers these days have to be WARRIORS, and to survive; not just survive but to FLOURISH is certainly a wonder to behold.  Maddy, you did just have just BLOOMED right into the brightness of your future and everyone who knows you is so super proud of you!  

It was a little earlier in the day than I usually start shooting so the sun was still pretty high, but for me, that's not a problem.  I'm a natural light photographer, so finding and sculpting light is something I've learned to enjoy in my experience.  I placed Maddy in front of the sun, so the sun was backlighting her quite a bit.  In order to not blow out the background, I exposed a little darker than normal and then edited the foreground light to my desired amount in Lightroom.  Which gives Maddy such a heavenly glow here!  Not that she needed anymore glow, the girl is already GORGEOUS!!  

So, we shot this session in Austin, TX.  It's always such an adventure in Austin.  There are so so many locations to choose from.  My eye always tends to search for bright colored brick walls.  Especially for Seniors.  They are just fun and give a great urban pop to any portrait.  

When I shoot seniors, I like to incorporate as much about all their accomplishments and personalities as possible.  The session is about celebrating the crossroads in their lives.  Maddy is a musician.  She plays both electric and acoustic guitar.  I'm a little intimidated by her talent, I gotta be honest.  

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