Julie & Gerald

The art of celebrating while in work mode is how I would describe my mindset on wedding day. It really is a balance between fun and focus.


I’ve been photographing real weddings for real couples since 2012. So many different personalities, requests, rules and regulations. Some couples I’ve gotta close to, some kept it more business. I’ve found that on the wedding day, no matter who you’re working for, there is a slightly challenging balance you have to maintain between having fun, and staying focused.


My first instinct is to tell myself, whoever is second shooting for me and any new photographers starting off is that this is a job. People are paying you and entrusting you for an end product. And I have always taken that to be my number one priority with every wedding. There is a high honor that comes with documenting, creating and keeping safe the images of a couples’ most important day. And that honor is not to be taken lightly. I’ve worked a few dozen weddings and it is still as heavy on me as when I first started. However, there is a balance. There is fun involved. You are leading the way in creating a certain outcome. You are creating the love story. So they will follow your lead.


This career has made me a more personable person. It has forced me out of my complete and utter social awkwardness. Since I am the leader in creating this amazing story for my couples to look back upon and see their true selves. I have learned that if I am just in go mode or in focus mode the whole wedding day, there won’t be a lot of fluidity between me and my couple. They need to be relaxed and not afraid to be themselves in front of me. This requires me to be in the excitement of the moment with them. Truly feel happy for them in their love and joy. Lead them into expressing their inside feelings to my camera. The creativity must flow. When I’m enjoying myself, the couple follows suit. And if I’m enjoying myself too much…….they will let me know. But, I haven’t really come across that problem yet.


This is why I love my little huddle meetings with my second shooter. We talk biz, refocus ourselves, go over the game plan, ready set break! And then it’s all about celebrating with amazing people. I have found more often than not, everyone enjoys wedding vendors who are happy to be there and happy for the couple. Be involved in the party, involved in the celebration and not a creepy paparazzi by stander.


I say all of this as personal experience. It’s also just a personal balance perspective and can vary from each professional and their specific clientele. And of course my all time rule is no drinking on the job. Even if it’s offered and insisted upon. I will never ever partake in alcohol at work. There are just too many obvious problems that could come from that. Sorry not sorry.

Thank you again for reading the blog. Comment below your personal balance opinions.