The Ybarra Family | What The World Needs Now Is Love

This world is going crazy.  I don't recognize it some days.  I feel like an alien.  Like I don't belong.  There are a lot of people.  Educated people with qualified opinions.  Spitting out answers to the world's problems left and right.  Solutions are a dime a dozen these days.  Here's my suggestion simple formed by my observation of some recent events in our world.  Let's all be more like the Ybarra family.....Exhibit A:

When I work with families, we work together to bring out the warmth, the connection, the memories, the love so that I can capture it in an image.  It lives inside of each of the family members, and I coax it out so that they can put it on display for all to see.  But mainly for them, as a reminder of the precious importance of family.  Their family.  It's worth documenting.  Worth remembering.  Worth sharing.  Why?  Because the love and affection that a family shares....heals.  Family connection brings hope and security.  Family laughter and memories uplift and sustain and keep you grounded.  Right now, it seems that all of these attributes and experiences are deficient in the world right now.  

Family has a healing power.  We love our family members unconditionally.  We accept them.  We see all of their good and all of their bad and yet still.....we claim them as our own.  We agree and we disagree and we still sit around the dinner table to eat together.  Together.  We can be polar opposites in family and yet still remain in harmony together.  Family loves.  Family helps.  Family stays.  Family sacrifices.  Family believes.  Family is powerful.  Is a spirit of family what this world needs right now?   Even if your family isn't any of the things I described above, can't you create your own family to be what you thought family should've been....needed it to be?  


When I was working with the Ybarra family, I felt as if I was a part of it.  I felt accepted, celebrated, important, heard, loved.  I hope they felt the same.  This world needs to be family to each other.  I hope you see these family portraits, feel the sense of family, and remember.