Janae & Jeremy

Improvising and problem solving are essential characteristics one needs to learn when you own a business. Especially during wedding season….in the spring…..in Texas. In case you don’t know, the weather in Texas is liken to that of a person with multiple personality disorder. You never know which personality you’re going to get at any given second of the day, or if that specific personality is a psychotic murderer or a fluffy cute 6 year old girl who likes bunnies and hearts. So, of course, one must learn to adapt, overcome, and think quickly on one’s feet. The wedding photographer life is such an adventurous one.


We were gearing up and looking forward to Janae and Jeremy’s wedding. We had our eye on the weather and were saying our usual prayers and crossing all of our fingers and toes. Our prayers and finger crossings were of no avail, and it did rain that day. Pretty much all day and especially during the ceremony. Usually the rain comes before or after and we just miss it, but this time God must have thought rain was more important than a beautiful outside ceremony at Ella’s Garden in Houston.


This is why it’s so important for couples to carefully choose a venue that has outside and inside options. The team at Ella’s Garden were no stranger to such a situation and quickly prepared their beautiful inside hall for Janae and Jer’s ceremony. We were able to grab a few outside images for their first look, and we were so pleased that the rain held off for a few seconds for these sweet moments.


Texas weather may be irritatingly unreliable, but when you are working with a great team of wedding professionals, its never stressful. Everyone works together quickly to make the day amazing and unforgettable for each couple. It’s a team effort and it’s so worth all of the hard work!


HUGE shout out to Ella’s Garden in Houston and Juan Jose Photography and Video for making Janae and Jeremy’s day extra special. GO TEAM!